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 Home    A Giant Fossa Has Found A Turk 100 Billion Dollars!

Technology fund to change the world. 100 billion dollars. And this fund collects a Turk. Do you wonder how it is?

Masayoshi Son is a Japanese business man from South Korea …His company has announced the name of Softbank, British chip maker ARM with an attempt to purchase ARM in July last year. ARM, like those used in smartphones, produces ‘low power’ semiconductors, not high power. The sensors we have designed use a very large area, from the online washing machine to the intelligent building. When Masa is at the table to buy ARM, he wants to meet Dalınç Arıburnu, a Goldman Sachs acquaintance. I have a question, “Do I have to put all of the $ 31 billion to buy ARM, or do I have some parts out there?” FAB Partners is finding $ 10 billion in the project in a week. Masayoshi is very impressed with this speed. And he explains his project: “I want to set up a technology fund that will change the future of the world …”


The fund Masayoshi Son thinks is $ 100 billion. Although Arıburnu remains unstable due to the size of the figure, he decides to support Masayoshi as a result of his talk. And as a result, Dalinç Arıburnu and his friends are looking for money for the ‘Vision Fund’. If you look at it, ‘the fund to change the world’ has already been completed to a considerable extent … Saudi Arabia is immediately interested. Fona put $ 45 billion. Masayoshi Son’s firm Softbank is worth 25 billion dollars. They also received $ 15 billion from Abu Dhabi. Apple, Foxconn and Qualcomm are also among the folks. The $ 93 billion portion of the fund is okay .


At the moment, only $ 7 billion is left for the Vision Fund to reach its $ 100 billion target. Until now, countries such as Saudi Arabia, BAE and technology companies have even been included in the future. It is very difficult for a company in Turkey to enter this fence. Because there is a $ 1 billion lower limit … At this point, the Turkey Asset Fund comes to minds. The fund, which is said to have a market value of 40 and a total asset of $ 160 billion, is the primary objective to support gigantic projects in Turkey. However, this fund can be used to include Turkey as a “technology fund to change the world”. The Chairman of Global Ports Holding, Mehmet Kutman, whom we have opened this issue, is ‘very upset’ in this regard. According to Kutman, Turkey should be in this fund with at least $ 1 billion, even if it is not at the level of Saudi Arabia, and should follow the world. Because, every major innovation there will be assessed every important technological development. Although the Vision Fund is now too late, the Turkey Asset Fund is for later funds Now the radar is in. Dalinc Arıburnu said that they did not take the proposal to the Turkey Asset Fund when they created the Vision Found, but they would meet for the fund if they want to create it.


In addition, Global Investment Holding Chairman Mehmet Kutman and Centricus’ partner Dalınç Arıburnu attended a meeting where Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım recently met with investors in London. Kutman has laid out a plan for Yildirim to invest solar energy: “We are planning to bring an investor from India to my country and build a 1000 megawatt solar power plant. This investment can be up to 5000 megavata. “The investment size of Yildirim’s” Get it now “can be found at 5 billion dollars.

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