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Nowadays, meeting the need of every kind of energy is big challenge. Due to depleting reserves of fossil fuels and world’s natural sources, almost all countries are searching for renewable energy sources and sustainable living conditions for their lifes. Generating electricity in local bases is also a challenge. There are several examples like using solar cells to produce electricity in houses. A very big example for this comes from Turkey, not for a house but for a bus terminal.

A city bus terminal constructed in Ordu will produce its own electricity

Altınordu City Bus Terminal will produce its own electricity by using solar energy. The terminal is still in construction process. The Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Enver Yılmaz gave an explanation to reporters about transportation system of city and the works of making it easier for citizens. He reminded that the plans in relaxations of public transport was presented to service shortly before. He also said that the bus services system from district to district in Ordu will be regulated and complexity of these services will be simplified by gathering all of them in Altınordu City Bus Terminal. The contruction process of bus terminal is going on quite fastly he said.

The terminal will be ready to serve within the first months of 2019

Yılmaz continued his explanations about terminal. He indicated that the total expense of project will be around 25 milllion Turkish Lira. He also announced that the terminal will be ready to use in the beginning of 2019. The whole terminal will be contructed in 22 metersqare area. The terminal will include all mini- and big- bus stops for every districts of Ordu, a big parking garage, a very big city bus parking area, 2 cafeteria and 6 shopping stores.

Enver Yılmaz also mentioned about the expected amount of produced electricity from solar cells on the terminal. He said the calculated and expected amount of electricity from these panels will be 322 kilowatt per year. With this system, the terminal will be able to produce its own electricity, heating and cooling systems by a very environmental way.

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