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A new study is being conducted to solve the source problem, which is the biggest problem in front of acceleration of urban transformation. As is known, there is a $ 400 billion source for the conversion of 7.5 million homes.


The government will allocate 75 billion pounds of resources to the sector in 5 years from the sources that it finds from abroad and Iller Bank. If the project passes by, 2018’ll transfer 15 billion pounds for transformation. Environment and Urbanism Minister Mehmet Özhaseki presented the project to the Council of Ministers. The project will also be presented to the approval of President Erdoğan.


İNDER and Technical Chairman Nazmi Durbakayım welcomed the work of Minister Mehmet Özhaseseki positively. Nazmi Durbakayım said: “To build risky buildings at present, the contractor needs to add an added value. The conversion was difficult because there was no increase in the peers. This resource provided to the building owners will enable the contractor to do the work by fulfilling the contracting duty and to receive the money without having to produce the apartment for him. “Nazmi Durbakayım, who informed that the small apartments that existed at the minimum in other cases because of the lack of resources, were even smaller due to their share in the contractor The sector will benefit as well as a movement will be noted. Nazmi Durbakayım stated that the government is taking steps to meet these expectations that the expectations of the sector are excessive, he said “The trading tax has dropped from 2 to 1.5.


Discounts on value-added tax have been granted to foreigners. Our anticipation is the acceleration of the bureaucracy and the regulations on the acquis. This means that a license should be valid when it is constructed correctly. The changes made afterwards are causing problems between the parties, “

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