Home    6 Countries Are Climant For Turkey’s Biggest Project

Six countries were climant for the project, which is expected to involve ski areas in 8 regions, a mechanical plant length of 45 km and a cost of about 100 million euros.


Governor Bektaş stated that the project is the candidate for becoming the biggest winter tourism project of Turkey and added:

“There was a dream of making a winter tourism facility in Ayder Plateau for a long time and this dream was embodied by a project that unfortunately was not a dream and when we came up with that project we used it as a base and we developed it much more. Project, which will be based on Ayder Plateau, a project involving 3-4 floods, including Palovit and Kavron valleys, emerged. ”

Governor Bektaş said that the project is the biggest and most beautiful winter tourism project in Turkey. Bektaş said:

“I know about other projects in Turkey, I have not seen such a comprehensive, bigger, and beautiful … The specs are ready and we are making the final evaluations … if necessary the necessary arrangements will be made with the ‘build-operate-transfer’ model. A 10-12 kilometer transfer line will be set up, others will be transporting and skiing lines to the tracks, and a 30 km long track line will be able to reach a track that will reach 45 kilometers. Why is this because there is not a very vibrant ski sector in Turkey and the project is developing with the development of the ski sector at the same time.We have a ski sector for development but we expect to complete the project within a reasonable time without an idle capacity.

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