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 Home    5 Million Euro Grant to Kepez Central Urban Transformation Project

It is stated that the urban transformation project covering the Kepez and Santral neighborhoods in Italy earned about 5m euros from the European Union (EU).


In the written statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, it was announced that Kepez Central Urban Transformation Project was selected for EU Ufuk 2020 grant program. When completed, the project will be awarded 5 million 73 percent of the land, the tender of 120 million pounds, the EU Smart Cities and Societies invitation to receive a grant of approximately 5 million euros was expressed.


Within the scope of the project carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality and municipal affiliate Antepe, it was recorded that large scale smart city applications will be realized with the cities of Valencia and Germany in Dresden.


Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel, whose comments are mentioned in the statement, stated that this development is very honorable for the country. “The most striking aspect of the project is the Kepez Santral Project, which is designed as a smart city on the plan project stages, from the infrastructure to the upper structure, from the physical habitats to the social life, everywhere in the life,” says Türel, who says that their project is Turkey’s biggest and hassle free urban transformation project. Aesthetic, intelligent and sustainable city. ‘Kepez Power Plant will wing.’ “This incentive given by the European Union shows how far our project is going on.” On restructuring, Antalya will become a competitor city on a world scale.

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