Home    33 Million Pounds Of Land, 370 Million Pounds With The Plan Change!

İBB President Kadir Topbas’s Fethullah Gulen community in the investigation of the corruption arrested in the company doing business with the 33 million liras, the arsenal IBB’ya sold to 370 million liras. The land value has been improved by changes made in the development plans.

Metal Yapi Konut purchased 6 thousand 400 square meters of arcs on Vatan Street in Fatih for 33 million 391 thousand 659 liras from Kavran family in 2012. Until 1996, the amusement park, the parking lot used as a parking lot, was not allowed to be restored and it was determined as a gathering area after the earthquake.


Looking at the financial statements of Metal Yapi in the past years, it is seen that the price of the land purchased for 33 million 391 thousand liras has increased over the years. Despite not being a shopping center, the appraisal report in the appraisal report prepared on March 7, 2014 regarding the sight of ‘Fatih Lunapark Shopping Mall Project’ in independent audit reports is stated as 88 million 890 thousand TL. In 2014, the Fatih City Council changed the construction plans of the arsenal and converted it into a residential and commercial area. Fatih Municipality arsada hotel area has been reduced by 92 percent and parking area has increased by 120 percent due to the public reaction to the opening of the arsenal, which is determined as a shelter area after the earthquake.

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