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Everyone wants and dreams of having a home but it cannot realize in most cases especially big cities. Especially, it is difficult to have a home for low – income citizens. However it is not impossible! There are several ways to buy affordable housing. By following TOKİ’s housing projects, participating in TURAYP’s real estate auctions or attracting a housing loan, you can be homeowner at an affordable budget. Here are ways to have affordable housing;

Follow TOKI Housing

TOKI is the one of the first preferences of low – income families looking for affordable housing. TOKİ has spent and building many housing projects in different cities of Turkey especially for the lower income group. It is possible to become a homeowner with TOKİ with reasonable prices and installments. You should follow TOKI’s projects for this. Applications forms for TOKI projects vary depending on the province or city in which the projects is located.


Join the TURYAP Real Estate Auctions

TURYAP; Real estate auctions are held including public, bank, private or branded housing and commercial projects. Different types of houses from different cities, or a variety of sales prices become reasonable prices.

Attract A Housing Loan

If you have little or no savings, you can also withdraw the housing loan. You will receive at least 20 percent of the house price when you buy a house loan from the bank. The more you pay, the less interest you’ll pay.

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