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 Home    3 Districts For Those Who Want To Buy Investment House In Istanbul

It is of utmost importance that housing buyers who want to buy apartments for the purpose of choosing the developing zones that are eligible to make premiums.

In recent years, many places called “no premium, no apartments” have gained serious meaning in Istanbul for a period of time. Where is the house taken from Istanbul? Researchers are trying to have information about the areas to make premiums.

Where is The House Should Be Taken From Istanbul?


At a time in Kucukcekmece, who does not look at the face of people, Atakent apartments and housing projects in the million pounds rise. A lot of construction companies are around here. It is the most crowded city of Istanbul. The population is going to 1 billion. Close to E-5, close to the airport. Metrobus is passing through the bottom.



In the same way, Basaksehir, a place connected to Kucukcekmece for a period, has luxury housing projects of millions of pounds. Bahcesehir, Kayehir is a separate world. Those who invested here a few years ago earned 100% or more. Metro will come; there are very serious investments in the region.


A period was defined as outside Istanbul. Now the branded housing projects have become almost central. The first preference of those who want to get a good price circle is Beylikduzu. Apartments for sale in Beylikduzu are very convenient. It’s a developing region. It will be very difficult to get an apartment from here after 5-10 years..

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