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Hanesel Yapı – Demirbas Construction has passed through the delivery process at Kurtköy 360, which has been passed by. At the end of this month, Kurtköy, where life will begin, starts at 537 thousand TL. Demirbas Yapi Chairman Sefa Demirbas stated that they would give their delivery times in the project a year and said, “Under normal conditions, we deliver the projects in 3 years.


It also means withdrawing payments. 360 Kurtköy was a difficult and branded project in terms of its architectural structure and location. If we have delivered such a project early, I think it will always be a memorable detail for our other projects.”

 Demirbas stated that they will sign a new project with the office project, “We will make an unusual project, 1 + 1 flats and we will not call office on behalf of ourselves. We are preparing to make an office project with Shell & Core system for the first time in commercial areas. We are very confident in the position of this project. Prices will also be kept below the regional standard.”

“We saw the need for a big apartment in Kurtköy”

Demirbas stated that Kurtköy’s long-lived L + 1s are no longer able to meet their needs. “The arrival of large companies such as Pegasus, Yataş and Teknopark to Kurtköy resulted in the demand of white collar workers. Contractors generally built 1 + 1 housing in this area, but it turned out that someone with a salary of 10 to 15 thousand could hardly sit at 1 + 1 with their family. “

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