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Gaziosmanpasa Municipality has carried out the demolition buildings which be eartquake unresisting that evacuated previously. New buildings will be replaced within 24 months instead of demolished buildings.

Gaziosmanpasa Municipality continues to demolish buildings which be eartquake unresisting in the scope of urban transformation. The demolition of two different buildings, which were previously understood and evacuated by families living in the area, was carried out. Gaziosmanpasa Mayor Hasan Tahsin Usta and Kandilli Observatory Earthquake Monitoring Authority Geophysical Engineer Yavuz Günes followed the demolition site.

“Within 24 months the rights holders will have their houses”


The Mayor of Gaziosmanpasa Hasan Tahsin who Follow the transformation, said, “We were about to make a long-standing agreement with the buildings we tried to destroy here. There were 30 households in this building. Normally, when looking at the upper ward, while it should be a 4-storey building, but it has 11 storey due to the elevation. We agreed 30 families living here. I hope that we will have started the first phase of the Bağlarbası neighbourhood as very quickly. Our citizens who leave here are starting to rent, we are starting their rent processes. We also pay for shipping money. We make rent payments until the turn key is delivered. We have delivered to the right holders within 24 months of construction “.

“The earthquake awaits us very soon”

Kandilli Observatory Earthquake Monitoring Authority Geophysical Engineer Yavuz Gunes said, “We all know that this is our country of earthquake. There are some precautions we need to take in order to avoid the risk of earthquakes. It is inevitable that the buildings that filled their lives here will be demolished and rebuilt. Because the earthquake is waiting for us very soon. “

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