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Turkey’s appetite for foreigners increased before the referendum. Establishing a partnership with a Saudi, Qatar and Yemeni fund, Demir Insaat has rolled out its arms for a $ 2 billion investment

Before the referendum on 16 April, foreigners increased their investments to give Turkey a message of confidence. The most recent example of this situation is that Demir İnsaat, which left 32 years behind in the real estate sector, formed a partnership with a foreign fund. SQY Investment Group, established by investors from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Yemen, and Demir İnsaat have joined forces to develop projects together. According to the information received, the partnership plans to invest $ 2 billion this year, will build shopping centers, hotels and housing in certain regions of Istanbul.

Hamit Demir, Chairman of Demir Construction, told that “Our foreign partners are Turkey’s beloved, they are planning long term investments and we started to invest in this investment before the referendum on April 16. Because they are so confident that Turkey will fly after the referendum, They did not want to be late to invest, “they said,” Maysta came, we were late. ” Hamit Demir, who stated that they sold 70-80 million pounds with the historic campaign they launched in the first quarter of 2017, said: “April 16 will be the milestone, Turkey will be opened in front of us. “Demir Country Project in Istanbul Yakuplu starts construction this month.The project will be composed of 1,100 residences in a 60-acre area.We will build our projects in Gukturk and Seyrantepe within the scope of urban transformation.In addition to this, There is an investment of 420 apartments that we will pass through with a misfortune. “In the end of May, our excavation work will start. Explaining that they will start their projects in Izmir due to the zoning situation, Demir explained that they are the last point on the upcoming project on 60 acres of land.

Erdogan Love, In Ukraıne

Stating that they intend to increase their projects in Ukraine, Demir said that the relationship between the government and the friendship established with Ukraine has earned the Turks a reputation in the world. “Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ukraine is in love“, says Hamit Demir, also informed that they will start 2 new projects in Germany this month.




Growth In The Energy Sector

Evaluating Erziyi as the ‘future sector’, Hamit Demir informed that they will start investing in this sector. “We will begin production of panels on 85 acres of land in a local company in Konya, and we will start working in China within 2 months of receiving the lines,” he said. “We want to grow in the energy sector, we will invest $ 22 million, and in the following period we will produce electricity in our constructions, which will give the consumer the advantage of dues.” “We will be Turkey’s biggest panel producer”.

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