Home    2.4 Billion Liras İs Expected İn 3 Years From 2b

2 billion 385 million 424 thousand TL income is expected to be sold in 3 years from the sale of 2D immovables.

According to the compilation made from the data of the Central Government Budget Law Draft of the year 2018, it is expected that the revenue of 2D immovables will reach to 987 million TL and the revenue of treasury agricultural land will reach 123 million TL.

Budget revenues are estimated to be 740 million 304 thousand liras in 2019 and 658 million 48 thousand liras in 2020 from the sale of 2D immovables.

It is expected that the revenue of the agricultural land owned by the Treasury will be 123 million 384 thousand TL in 2018, 135 million 722 thousand TL in 2019 and 152 million 174 thousand TL in 2020.

2 billion 385 million liras of real estate in the sale of 2 billion 385 million 3 years, treasury of the sale of agricultural land is estimated to be 411 million 280 thousand liras.

According to the Ministry of Finance, about 482 thousand immovables were sold to the owners of 666 thousand rights from the immovables within the scope of subparagraph (b) of Article 2 of the Forest Code, until August, in accordance with Law No. 6292, publicly known as “2B Law”, which resolved the problem that has been continuing for years. The total value of the said sales was 9.5 billion liras, 6.5 billion liras of this price was collected.


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