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 Home    114 Thousand Houses Were Sold İn April

According to TUIK, SUR Yapı Chairman Z.Altan Elmas stated that residential sales in Turkey in April 2017 increased by 7.6 percent compared to the same period of previous year and was 114.446.


Altan Elmas also stated that the first four months of 2017 were realized as 440 thousand 226, increasing by 7.5 percent compared to the same period last year: The increase in the April figures was also positive for the February and March campaign. The positive weather was reflected in April sales. When we looked at the figures, the number of houses sold for the first time increased by 10.8 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and was 51,988, while the sales of second hand housing increased by 5.1 percent compared to the same month of the previous year. Therefore, it can be said that the increase in sales in April is largely due to first hand sales.


Household sales of foreigners increased by 2.7 percent to 1.624 compared to the previous year. Your government incentives began to yield results, and for the first time foreigners sales increased compared to the previous year. Istanbul and Antalya took first place in foreign sales. The projects we will develop in the coming months and the marketing activities we will do, We think sales will increase further.


At the end of 2017, Z. Altan Elmas, who said that sales in the real estate sector would increase the sign of a record again, said, ‘Our government has been in operation since the beginning of the year, After the referendum, our expectation from the government is to increase the financial depth of the sector. Different instruments, such as real estate certificate, must be actively introduced in the banking sector with the advancing sector. We also expect bank loans to remain at 0.90 per month by the end of the year. Mortgaged sales are up 29.6 percent compared to April of the previous year. This shows how effective housing loan interest rates are on the sector. Net housing growth is due to mortgage sales.

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