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 Home    1 Million Housing Units in Turkey Changed Hands A Year

The Association of Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Partnership (GYODER) published the “GYODER Indicator Turkey Real Estate Sector 2017 1st Quarter Report”, where the real estate sector explores the sub-segments quarterly.


The report explaining the Turkish real estate sector explains the situation of the real estate sector with important information from the world and Turkish economy, macroeconomic indicators, intra-industry production figures, various statistics.


This report emphasizes that there is a direct relationship between real growth in real estate prices and economic growth, with housing prices being one of the most important points socio-economically discussed in the housing sector, with a rapid change over the past 15 years.


This report, stated that Turkey is one of the countries that are rising rapidly in the global construction market and even the market share is growing fastest, the following statements were given: “The average price of housing in Turkey has increased by 43.09 percent in real terms between January 2012 and January 2017. In the new housing price index, the average price of housing has increased by 35.72 percent in the same period, The increase in the indices, the vitality of the sector and the continuity of the demand were pointed out.During the supply of housing in Turkey, the demand for housing started to gradually increase.Approximately 1 million houses changed hands annually and 650 In Turkey, where the city continues to migrate to the city, the rate of urbanization is 78 percent and the population is 60 million, and it is expected that the city will continue to migrate until the year 2023 and the urbanization rate will rise to 84 percent. Accordingly, the urbanized population It is projected to be 71 million in 2023.

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